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Anamalz Cow

by Anamalz
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Anamalz toys have the unique function to bend in different poses. Wholly natural, entirely adorable, and impossibly iconic. Introducing our Anamalz cow, who is much sweeter than other cows. With a movable head and flexible rope legs, she also comes with sweet toof so untrustworthy with cake. Her cute little ears are made from a soft brown fabric and she has a rope tail. Her spots are carefully hand painted to perfection and she of course has an udder! Moo! Make a start on your very own toy yard with me!

This Anamalz Cow is part of the Farm Fields collection and is made from a wood known as "needlewood", a fast-growing tree harvested in a forest plantation. Anamalz are carefully hand-painted using child-friendly paint, and they are constructed with formaldehyde-free glue. Packaging is minimal. Even the waste wood is used on a farm to grow mushrooms.

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  • Made from sustainable wood, each piece is hand-painted with child-friendly paint and the fabric is azo-dye and formaldehyde free.
  • AnaMalz horns are made with FDA-approved TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) combined with pine wood powder. This product was developed by Anamalz and is an eco-alternative to plastic.
  • Ages: 3+ yrs
  • Anamalz Cow Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 4 cm

Designed in Australia, Anamalz are an award-winning animal range made from sustainable wood and textile products that have the unique function to bend in different poses. Anamalz were created through an innate desire for a range of natural toys that would last the test of time. A toy that, rather than be discarded when its journey ends with one owner, can be given a second life and bring joy to someone else's day.