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Natursutten Teether Toy

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Natursutten Teether Toy is made from the exact same natural material as the Natursutten pacifier.
100% natural rubber, no harmful chemicals added.

When a baby's first teeth erupt, the gums often tenderly over the erupting tooth tip. It can hurt and be uncomfortable for the child.
To reduce discomfort and soothe the baby, it may help to ‘bite’ into something.
The Natursuttens Teether Toy can reduce the discomfort and massage the gums, helping teeth erupt.

Natursutten Teether Toy is made from pure natural rubber and complies extraordinarily with the same strict requirements that our Natursutten pacifiers.
Because the material is exactly the same as we use to manufacture Natursutten pacifiers. You can rest assured that the teether toy you give to your child, is made of a natural material, and guaranteed free of harmful chemicals.

Meets all relevant requirements of the European standard for toys. CE-marked

Made in Italy