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Mom + Baby Handpuppet - Cara and Mini

by Beleduc
SKU B40460
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This Beleduc Mom + Baby Handpuppet features a mother cat and her finger puppet baby. Cara and Mimi are sure to become a beloved toy due to their white paws, cute face with pretty eyes, and quaint ears. Made of quality materials, this handpuppet is a perfect cuddle buddy for any curious little adventurer.

  • Features
  • About Beleduc
    • Cats are little adventurers and love freedom– they can be timid or very affectionate, cuddly or very bold. All kitties need to be cuddled. The handpuppet cat is a very loving mother, who carries her baby protectively. The little kitten is a fingerpuppet. The white paws, the cute face with the pretty eyes and the quaint ears ensure that Cara and Mimi are the favourite handpuppet.
    • Its soft and durable fabric is, a tactile way to teach young children about nature.
    • Very detailed realization.
    • Cuddly-soft quality.
    • Children can actively participate in the story.
    • Machine-washable fabric stretches just enough for adults to join in the fun too
    • Contents: 2 pieces
    • Materials: cotton, polyester
    • Dimensions: 105(L)x24(W)x30.5(H) cm
    • Age: 3yrs+
    • Developed in Germany. Made in China
  • Beleduc focuses on creating high-quality, educational, wooden puzzles and games for infants and children. Their approach to education is Montessori aligned in that they focus on teaching children about the real world, They also use mainly natural materials and develop products that inspire the child's natural curiosity about the world around them.

    See here for more information about Montessori Learning.

    All of Beleduc's products meet the strict international requirements for the safety of toys (e.g. EU Directive 2009/48/EC). Each item undergoes product safety testing for compliance with the international norms (e.g.EN71 and ASTM) using independent laboratories.

    Beleduc believes that children do not play to learn, but they learn because they play. This is the guiding principle of Beleduc's philosophy. Beleduc's aim is to promote the desire of playing together and to convey nearly unnoticed different abilities that children between the age of 2 to 7 years. Beluduc places great emphasis on high-quality materials, safety, quality, environmental impact and social responsibility.