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Natural Rubber Bath Toy - Clownfish Pili with Squeaker

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Lanco Natural Rubber Bath Toy - Clownfish Pili is orange with stripes, big droopy eyes, a little fin, and a small tail. It is ideal for bath play or to chew with a gentle squeak. After use in the bath, squeeze all the water out and keep it in a dry place.

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  • Features
  • About Lanco Toys
    • This Lanco Natural Rubber Bath Toy - Clownfish Pili squeaks and squirts. The toys are designed to float and are safe for your toddler to chew.
    • Hand-painted with non-toxic, permanent certified lead-free paints, food-grade dyes, free of Cadmium, Aluminium, Cobalt, Barium, Lead, Mercury, and Selenium. It is completely FREE of PVC and BPA. Phthalate and Nitrosamines.
    • Natural rubber is safe, non-toxic, and readily biodegradable.
    • Age: 0+ m
    • Made in Spain
  • About the Lanco: Lanco has been making natural rubber toys for many years and is an expert in crafting excellent quality, fun characters. Our specially selected range of Lanco toys is perfect for children between 0 and 3 years old and will surely entertain and amuse them for years to come. The vibrancy of the design and the imaginative characters means that you’ll find exactly the right toy, whether it's for a girl or boy.

    Lanco toys are 100% natural rubber and make great gifts for children of friends or family, and with such a tactile appearance, they are perfect for your child’s development. Lanco toys are made from 100% Natural Rubber, constructed from the sap/milk of the common rubber tree - Hevea Brasiliensis. The Hevea tree is the natural source of the material used to create these delightful little characters. The rubber trees are harvested sustainably without the use of herbicides. The bark of the tree is ‘‘tapped’'. This means cutting small slits into the bark. So that the white sap, known as latex, drips out and is caught in collecting cups. Tapping of rubber trees is done by hand.