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Soft Body Doll Asian

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Soft Body Miniland doll with Asian features. This doll belongs to the Miniland Dolls collection, which promotes equality among kids regardless of origin, gender or condition. It also allows them to learn about the diversity of all of us and how to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance.

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  • About Miniland
  • Miniland dolls help children to embrace diversity, tolerance and respect in the world. Role-playing games encourage the development of respect for gender diversity, roles, ethnicity and other human conditions. Promotes understanding of the basic rules of interaction and coexistence.

    • Very well-defined facial features help children identify the various origins.
    • Head and limbs are made of high-quality, smooth, phthalate-free vinyl with a light vanilla scent.
    • This doll is also recyclable
    • Doll is washable, and it will not affect their quality and durability
    • Can be dressed with the Miniland clothing collection to complete its look.
    • This model comes in an open-faced box with underwear
    • Dimensions: Doll is 12 5/8" or 32 cm
    • Materials: soft vinyl and polyseter
    • Age: 10m+
    • Made in Spain
  • Miniland’s educational toys are designed to develop children’s multiple intelligences, particularly emphasizing social skills, emotional learning, and values.

    Miniland wants to contribute to a world that is more open, inclusive and tolerant towards diversity. Miniland dolls collection helps little ones understand the values of inclusivity and coexistence through play by promoting empathy and accepting people of any race, gender or condition. Miniland products are handmade in Europe and meet all European and American safety standards and regulations.