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Pure Rest EcoWool + Natural Rubber Cradle Mattress

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Cradle Size 15x33x 2"

EcoWool and natural Rubber - the perfect combination for your baby's little bed. Inside is 2"of 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is known for its hypoallergenic qualities and being resistance to molds, mildews and dust mites.

Pure Rest natural rubber is wrapped in an EcoWool layer, assuring you that  your baby is sleeping on the finest  and purest of comfort. Just put on an organic cotton sheet and lay baby down to sleep. No need for a puddle pad as the outer is a puddle pad.

Washing instructions: hand rinsing if heavily solided (spray with shower nozzle) or in lukewarm water in bathtub, shake and hang to dry. Do not expose to sun when wet and never us hot water. Do not wash in machine.

This item is not refurnable once opened.

Made in U.S.A.