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Find Me! Adventures In The Sky

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Teach your children to have fun away from the screen! Training young eyes to see the details in these puzzles will help them see more in the world around them

Join Bernard the Wolf and Enrico the Robin as they play hide-and-seek high up in the sky! Find Me! Adventures In The Sky is packed with puzzling activities and amazing scenes among the clouds, test your skills and sharpen your vision with clever quizzes and fun observation games. You'll not only improve your eyesight, but you'll also boost your brainpower too!

  • Help Bernard sharpen his vision by searching for his friend playing hide-and-seek up in the sky
  • Over 100 hidden objects to find in each engaging puzzle page packed with adorable animals and objects that soar among the clouds
  • olorful illustrations among hot air balloons, space aliens, night owls, skydivers, tropical birds, and more will both delight and challenge children
  • Helps kids' observation skills by using context clues and drawing conclusions based on what they see

Bernard wears glasses, but still can't see very well, and he needs your help! This time, he's flying high up in the sky with the help of his new friend, Enrico the Robin, who's teaching him how to sharpen his eyesight.

Filled with charming activities and amazing scenes that take place in outer space, among colourful hot air balloons, inside a flock of flamingos, and more, children will have tons of fun while they develop their ability to observe. Kids can test their puzzle skills with clever quizzes and more than 100 hidden object games!

Kids will not only improve their eyes, but they'll also boost their brainpower, too! Children ages 7 - 9 will get practice drawing conclusions based on what they see, from determining which bird is pretending to be a wizard and which alien has a cold to what seems out of place and who is the lazy acrobat. Teach your children to have fun away from a screen, sharpen their eyes, and notice details in the world around them.

Packed with stunning illustrations and colourful pages that explore the beauty of the sky and its creatures, Find Me! Adventures in the Sky is the perfect visual puzzle book for young children, sure to entertain for hours on end!

There are 4 books in this series, Find Me! Adventures Underground, Find Me! Adventures In The Ocean and Find Me! Adventures In The Forest. Collect them all.

Author: Agnese Baruzzi
48 pages
Reading Age 8-9
Dimensions: 7.9 x 0.5 x 11.3 inches