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Acryl, Brushes for Acrylic Paint

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PRIMO has been a synonym for paints Made in Italy created by a family business since 1933. Here's everything you need to get started with your next art project.

Primo Acryl, Brushes for Acrylic Paint is a Set of 2 round-tipped and three bristle flat-tipped brushes of different sizes. These Primo Acryl brushes are artist high-quality paint brushes, synthetic hair, for acrylic paint, poster paint and other techniques in a multipurpose reusable case.

  • Features
  • About Primo Paint
  • Brush size: Flat-tip size 6, 10, 18. Round-tip size 5, 8.
    Made in China

  • PRIMO finger paint is suitable for children under three years of age. It is safe and DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. The packages are recyclable. DITACOLOR is produced entirely in Italy with clean energy. It is ready for use as it is. It has a soft and smooth texture, which is pleasant to touch. Its consistency is perfect for painting with your hands. The effect is gorgeous. The colour is vivid and remains bright even when it dries. It can be applied to paper, cardboard, and glass materials. It is resistant to light and does not fade with time.