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Anamalz Torosaurus

by Anamalz
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Anamalz toys have the unique function to bend in different poses. Wholly natural, entirely adorable, impossibly iconic: introducing Torosaurus. Don't let his cute cream and charcoal demeanour confuse you because he's always up to something. With three soft TPR horns, a big soft frill and a soft bendy tail, he desperately wants to say hey. Oh yes, and take over your living room.

This Torosaurus from Animalz is part of the Hidden Valley collection and is made from plantation beech wood. Beechwood is sustainable thanks to the carbon sequestration of living beech trees and the low transportation footprint with widely available local sources. The annual volume of beech harvested is currently lower than new growth, making it more sustainable than wood with a decreasing population.

When it comes to non-plastic toys you can either go wooden or plush, but it’s rare to find a mixture of both with Animalz.

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  • Made from sustainable FSC wood, each piece is hand-painted with water-based paint and the fabric is azo-dye, glue is Japan's F4 Star and formaldehyde free.
  • Safety: meet all required International Toy Testing Standards and Regulations-
  • Ages: 3+ yrs
  • Anamalz Torosaurus Dimensions: 16 x 20 x 3.5 cm
  • Made in Vietnam

Designed in Australia, Anamalz are an award-winning animal range made from sustainable wood and textile products that have the unique function to bend in different poses. Anamalz were created through an innate desire for a range of natural toys that would last the test of time. A toy that, rather than be discarded when its journey ends with one owner, can be given a second life and bring joy to someone else's day.