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Discover the Hidden World of Nature at Night Book

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Have you ever thought about what life in nature is like long after you sleep? Now you can find out with Discover the Hidden World of Nature at Night Book!

Discovering the Natural World with our collection of books, games and toys.

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  • This whimsical children's book takes young readers on a unique adventure into the forest at night to see what the fantastic animals within it are up to. Although night has fallen, the mood in the forest is anything but sleepy!

    Stroll in the woods at night, and you'll hear crickets chirping, owls hooting, and frogs croaking. As you do, you will discover how animals find their way in the dark, why being up after sunset suits them, whether wolves howl at the moon, a badger's sharpest sense, how deer communicate over distance, and much more.

    Each page reveals another surprising secret of nature that will keep toddlers engaged and delighted, featuring stunning illustrations, educational captions, vocabulary words, cut-out accents, and hidden chambers to explore.

    Discovering the Hidden World of Nature at Night joins the rest of the exciting children's board book series from Happy Fox Books.

    • For kids ages 3-6 to learn about different kinds of forest animals, insects, and wildlife, what they do at night, and why they're awake so late
    • Extra-thick board pages are uniquely shaped and feature cut-out accents and charming illustrations, providing a special look inside a dark forest with every turn of the page
    • Fun facts include why frogs croak at night, which fireflies fly and which don't, why moonlight is so important for animals, how plants and flowers react tonight, and more
    • Grows with your child, with a variety of educational captions and vocabulary words that provide a like-new adventure as your child grows up and keeps reading
  • Board book
    Author: Lenka Chytilová and Martin Sojdr
    14 pages
    Reading Age 4-6
    Dimensions: 9 x 1 x 9 inches