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Exploring the Adventurous World of the Jungle Book

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Have you ever wondered what life is like deep in the jungle? You can find out with this Exploring the Adventurous World of the Jungle Book!

This charming, one-of-a-kind board book will educate, engage, and inspire young readers with incredible jungle animals, their fantastic lives, and why they are crucial to Mother Earth!

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  • Kids will learn what it would be like to trek through the jungle, from seeing the plants, animals, and people who live there today to exploring the fascinating remains of ancient civilizations, with this secret look that works its way deeper into the trees with each turn of the page! Spy tapirs, insects, squirrel monkeys, river dolphins, ocelots, okapi, and more live their day-to-day lives in the world's jungles.

    Exploring this book's thick, uniquely shaped pages, kids will find a new surprise behind every tree! They'll learn where the critically endangered forest elephant can be found, see what the rainforest looks like at night, and learn about animals found only in African and Asian jungles.

    • Unique board book teaches kids about the exciting world of the rainforest
    • An amazing adventure takes children deeper into the tangled vines with every new turn of the page
    • Learn about plants, bugs, and animals that live in the jungle and why each is important to its ecosystem
    • Cut-out accents and charming illustrations on uniquely shaped, extra-thick board pages
    • Kids ages 3-6 will love learning all about jungles, with fun facts, interesting captions, and new vocabulary words
  • Board book
    Author: Lenka Chytilová and Helena Haraštová
    14 pages
    Reading Age 3-6
    Dimensions: 9.73 x 0.65 x 8.32"