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Natural Stable

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Holztiger Natural Stable - This beautiful barn makes a nice home for our Holztiger wooden animals. The large, wooden barn is spacious, children can easily play in and around the house with a lot of open space, windows and a door. The barn can be converted into a decorative nativity scene with the included Christmas star.

Animals and figures not included.

  • Features
  • Child Development
  • About Holztiger
    • Holztiger Natural Stable measures: 58 x 31 x 44.5 cm
    • Stable individually handcrafted, the edges carefully rounded, natural stain, assembly is required.
    • Children can experience the world and appreciate the quality of craftsmanship in their roleplay.
    • Materials: solid wood
    • Ages: 3y+
    • Made in Europe
  • Using toy animals to act out simple play actions helps toddlers practice their fine motor skills and develop their imagination and creativity. Also, pretend play with animals helps your child to work out their place in the world. They can show understanding, empathy and care for other creatures. They can work through possible fears and anxiety related to animals. This all helps in developing emotional maturity.
  • Holztiger wooden figures have stood for play value, safety and the highest European quality for decades. Each figure is painstakingly handcrafted, in Germany, out of sustainably harvested hard maple and beech wood, then hand-painted with non-toxic watercolours. Each figure is carefully sanded by hand to a satin-smooth. Holztiger provides a perfect basis for creative and open-ended Waldorf-inspired play.

    Sustainability and social commitment are indispensable for Holztiger. More than 400,000 trees have been planted in the meantime.