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How We're Made

by Headu
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How We're Made is a Montessori first human body game.

There's lots of fun to be had sorting the shapes and learning to recognize physical and emotional states and identities. Children fit the cards into their matching slots to discover parts of the body, the five senses, facial expressions and much more! Then draw the human body on the whiteboard.

  • Learning skills: Identity and autonomy Recognizing parts of the body; Building own body awareness; Drawing the human body; Recognizing facial expressions and emotions; Developing a sense of self.
  • Intelligence involved: logical-mathematical, spatial, naturalistic, personal, bodily-kinesthetic, and linguistic.
  • Contents: 7 "Discover the Human Body" cards; 42 cut-out shapes; 1 small whiteboard; 1 erasable pen
  • Ages 3-5
  • Made in Italy

HEADU's products are based on the research of Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognitive Sciences and Educational Psychology at Harvard University. He developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, believing that there is not one single intelligence but that each person has multiple ways of thinking at birth that is mostly independent of one another. Biologically present in each individual, although in different ways, each unique intelligence develops within a favourable cultural context.

Each of Headu's award-winning products identifies the intelligence type that the item targets for development. The skills are clearly marked as well as the age that each product is designed for. Headu selects and uses the best quality educational methods that will help your child on the journey of learning while keeping it fun, engaging, and age-appropriate.

We are confident these tools will help your child to further develop and improve intelligence and make your child a better citizen of the world.