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JUstenbois Wooden Baby Bowl

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The JUstenbois Wooden Baby Bowl is the ideal size for a comfortable hold in your hand while feeding your baby. This very unique and distinctive eco-friendly bowl adds to the pleasure your baby’s mealtime, by letting the natural flavours of the food be the only thing the baby tastes. The warmth and character of the wood, the soothing sound while you eat and the insulating factor of wood makes for a more pleasurable meal. Wood will keep warm foods warm and cold foods cooler longer. It is the perfect complement to JUstenbois Mini Baby Spoon or the Baby Led Weaning Spoon.

The bowl has long life and low maintenance. It's important not to soak in water and empty any liquid after each use. To maximize their beauty and lifespan, simply wash with a mild dish soap after use and wipe with a cloth, that’s all. Not dishwasher safe.

With use, it develops a beautiful patina that requires no upkeep.

With proper care, they have a proven 12-year life, and comes with a 1-year guarantee against natural defects and wood splitting.

Made of 100% maple wood and produced following sustainable management pracistices. JUstenbois uses a unique combination of naturally occurring resins that comply with USFDA standards for babies and children. The ingredients include linseed oil, wax, rosemary and lemon.

Measures 5” (12.5cm) in diameter and 1-3/4″ (4.5cm) in height of 100% maple wood
Handcarfted in Quebec, Canada

JUstenbois products are loviling made in Québec’s Eastern Townships in an equitable and sustainable environment. With a team of 9 artisans, Justenbois have been creating plates plates and utensils for the dining room table over the past 13 years. JUstenbois’ eco-friendly wooden utensils and cutlery products are part of the current cultural awakening for a healthier way of eating.

JUstenbois' wooden utensils are a perfect complement for healthier eating habits. The natural attributes of maple’s make these utensils a healthier choice. They enhance your commitment to a thoughtful lifestyle.

Maple possesses unique non-pathenogenic qualities that resist fissuring where bacteria can lurk. They are an insulator, so foods stay warm or cold depending on what you are eating. They produce a muted sound – a respite from the usual clatter of metal on plates.

Cutlery, dishes and boards are a long-term investment in response to today’s environmental concerns. With proper care, they have a proven 12-year life, and come with a 1-year guarantee against natural defects and wood splitting.