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Wooden Stacking Ring

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This Sabo Concept Wooden Stacking Ring toy is a must for kids. Playing with stacking rings is fun.

The muted earthy colours help children to understand the beauty and complexity of the world - it is not limited by green, yellow, blue and red. It is wider. It is deeper.

Let the creativity of your child grow.

  • Features
  • Child Developmentnt
  • About Sabo Concept
    • Practical play: kids can build towers, roll them and catch them (helps to develop reactions). Use them as templates for drawing circles.
    • Imaginative play: rings can be islands, paths, boats, plates, wheels or anything they will imagine.
    • Сolours may slightly differ from pictures (depending on your screen settings). Sabo does not use any filters in our pictures to show the true shades as close to reality as possible.
    • There may be some wood marks on the toys. The paint does not cover the pattern of the wood grain. It means the uniqueness of the toy.
    • Toys are carefully crafted with smooth edges. Safe for little hands, but sometimes it may be a little velvety to touch - it always depends on the wood.
    • Paint water-based and non-toxic
    • Materials: linden or birch
    • Dimensions: D12 x 20 cm
    • Ages: 1yrs+
    • Made in Ukraine
  • Stacking helps to develop your child's coordination and fine motor skills. Children will also learn sizes and notions "bigger" / "smaller", "under" / "above", "higher" / "lower" etc.

  • Sabo Concept is a Ukrainian brand of wooden toys. The deep palette of colours, natural materials and handcraft make Sabo toys very durable. Sabo Concept believes that there must be toys you would like to keep for future generations. That is why they stand for quality that will stand the test of time.

    SABO concept products are not just something to look at, but something to feel. Sabo balanced the tendencies of the past and present. Its concept manifests minimalism, simplicity and, at the same time, the sophistication of lines and colours.

    At Simply Green Baby, we want to show our support for Ukraine by buying products made in Ukraine. Together we can make a difference.