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Tree Blocks Classic Wooden Barked Blocks 36

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Tree Blocks brings nature into the playroom and lets children enjoy the look, feel and smell of real wood in all its wonder. Tree Blocks are unit blocks and can be combined with other building toys.

Wooden blocks have been a staple children’s toy for centuries. Children of a variety of ages enjoy and benefit from playing with wooden blocks because they allow free thinking and for your child’s creative spirit to flourish.  Your child learns so much by open-ended exploration and experimentation.

Tree Blocks’ classic 36 piece barked block set comes in a fabric bag and is lovingly made in Wisconsin, USA. Each piece is precisely cut in lengths of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10cm so they can be mixed and matched.

36 pieces
Natural unfinished wood
Packed in a cottton bag, zero waste
Ages: 3+ yrs
Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth and air dry.
Made in Wisconsin, USA

Environmentally Friendly
Tree Blocks cares about the environment so all Tree Blocks wood is reclaimed or from sustainable sources. Vietnam introduced the 1992 Law on Forest Protection and Development, last amended in 2004. Article 9 of the Forest Protection Law addresses the basic principles surrounding forest protection and development in Vietnam. Under this Article, forest protection and development must conform with sustainable environmental and social practices.

Educational Value
You can make building blocks fun and educational for your child! Encourage your child to compare and contrast the different pieces so she/he can start to learn basic math concepts. Introduce your child to nature by exploring the shape, color and feel of the blocks together. If your child needs some additional encouragement, guided play has great value.

Another way to help guide your child is to talk with them about what they might like to build. A tower? A bridge? A building? A house? A nudge will give your child confidence to have a go. Praise your child’s efforts and then laugh together as you knock the blocks down to start again.