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JUstenbois Wooden Baby Led Weaning Spoon

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JUstenbois Wooden Baby Led Weaning Spoon is made with a shallow spoon depth. This utensil keeps your baby from scooping up too much food at once. The short ergonomic handle supports proper grasp and hand eye coordination development.

JUstenbois Wooden Baby Led Weaning Spoon is a great utensil starter for children in their baby led weaning stage to toddler eating stage. Baby Led Weaning (BLW) supports the development of fine motor skills. As your toddlers feed themselves, they develop fine and gross motor skills. Self-feeding is made easier and more fun for your little ones with the right utensils.

Made of 100% maple wood, this spoon is eco-friendly. Maple wood utensils allow for the full enjoyment of all of your food’s natural flavours. It does not transfer the taste of the metal and its oxidizing effects on your food. You may want to consider purchasing 2 spoons to facilitate preloading them.

This little spoon is the perfect complement to the beautiful Maple Wood Baby Bowl.

Measures 4″5/8 (11.2cm.) of 100% maple wood
Handcarfted in Quebec, Canada

JUstenbois products are loviling made in Québec’s Eastern Townships in an equitable and sustainable environment. With a team of 9 artisans, Justenbois have been creating plates plates and utensils for the dining room table over the past 13 years. JUstenbois’ eco-friendly wooden utensils and cutlery products are part of the current cultural awakening for a healthier way of eating.

JUstenbois' wooden utensils are a perfect complement for healthier eating habits. The natural attributes of maple’s make these utensils a healthier choice. They enhance your commitment to a thoughtful lifestyle.

Maple possesses unique non-pathenogenic qualities that resist fissuring where bacteria can lurk. They are an insulator, so foods stay warm or cold depending on what you are eating. They produce a muted sound – a respite from the usual clatter of metal on plates.

Cutlery, dishes and boards are a long-term investment in response to today’s environmental concerns. With proper care, they have a proven 12-year life, and come with a 1-year guarantee against natural defects and wood splitting.