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Wooden Creative Toy Box

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Made from solid wood, the Wooden Creative Toy Box has 19 pieces of building materials. As the child develops from infancy to primary grades each experience will result in a new creation while allowing for open-end play. Creativity at its Best. This Wooden Creative Toy Box is handmade locally in Burlington, Ontario.

  • Suitable for ages 24 months and older
  • Materials: Building pieces made of Maple, Cherry and Walnut, Box made of Baltic ply and lid handle made of hardwood
  • Set contains: 1 person, 1 car, 2 open rectangles 2”x4”, 3 open squares 2”x2”, 2 open equilateral triangles, 2 squares with centre circle 2”x2”, 2 half squares with semi-circle, 2 4” ramps, 2 dowels 2”, 2 dowels 4”
  • Dimensions: Box with lid(H 8cm x W 27.6cm X D 12.7cm
  • The building pieces have a linseed oil wood finish. This helps protect the wood and allows for a natural finish permitting the wood grain and natural colours to show.
  • Protect your wooden item from damage by storing in a clean, dry space.
  • Made in Ontario, Canada

These wooden pieces are made by Dennis, our resident toymaker. Following a 35-year career in education, Dennis has been designing and building wooden toys for the last 26 years. Dennis' toys are made using various hardwoods and sealed with a non-toxic finish. Dennis takes great pride in detailing each piece.

As much as possible all designs have an educational component. Learning colours, counting, matching, ordering, sequencing, math concepts, balancing, language and vocabulary development are just a few examples. Dennis' toys are interactive and stimulate creativity. No batteries are required. Each toy is lovingly made with care and is meant to be passed down from generation to generation.