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Animals Of The Salish Sea

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Animals of the Salish Sea: Coast Salish First Nations and Native Art is a hardcover information book illustrated by Coast Salish artists.

Coast Salish author Melaney Gleeson-Lyall features 13 Coast Salish and Musqueum artists who have created colourful Northwest Coast images of creatures one finds in the ocean, in the air and on land includes eagle, thunderbird, raven, hawk, goose, owl, seagull, starfish, heron, hummingbirds, butterfly, dragonfly, spider, frog, turtle, deer, sasquatch, bear, bee, wolf, crab, rock cod, sturgeon, octopus, salmon, seal, dogfish shark, and whale. Each entry has a short bubble fact description. The connection of each animal, bird or sea creature to the Coast Salish people provides readers with an important characteristic of values education. Each 13 artists uses the Northwest Coast art style, including bright colours, making this an important Coast Salish resource about their environmental worldview.

  • Features
  • About Native Northwest
    • Partial proceeds from this publication support Aboriginal early childhood development.
    • Pinted on soy-based inks, non-toxic coating, and paper sourced from sustainable forests.
    • Dimensions: W15 x H19.5 cm
    • Ages: 0yrs
    • Printed in South Korea
  • Native Northwest’s story began over 38 years ago with the vision of building everyday connections to Indigenous cultures.

    Native Northwest arts are designed by Indigenous artists, built on a foundation of respect and authenticity and where artists can tell the stories of their communities and cultures through their distinct designs.