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Bamboo Bath Pouf

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This Bamboobino Bamboo Bath Pouf version of the classic bath pouf is a fun washcloth alternative to lather up, make bubbles, or toss around in the tub!

  • Features
  • About Bamboobino
    • It's more absorbent than cotton. It's hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin.
    • Its cashmere-like softness is great for babies.
    • It comfortably wicks moisture away from the skin.
    • It's easy to care for-just machine wash and tumble dry.
    • The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource that grows without pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo is a grass that possesses a property called 'bamboo kun', which is naturally anti-bacterial.
    • Materials: rayon from bamboo
    • Dimensions: D11cm
    • Ages: 0yrs+
    • Made in Canada
  • Bamboobino was created by a mum of 2, Sharon Chai, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bamboobino is the result of wanting the softest, most practical and least damaging (to humans and to the environment) fabric for my children.

    Products from Bamboobino are made from rayon from bamboo fibre and are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, Made from OCIA USDA-certified organically grown bamboo. The organic cotton in our products is also OCIA-certified. Most products are made in Vancouver except our socks, crib sheets and pandas, which are sourced ethically in Asia. Whenever possible, Bamboobino uses local suppliers.