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DuraFresh Bacteria Fighting Multi-Purpose Cloth (2 pack)

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DuraFesh makes a natural multi-use cleaning pads and cloth from sustainable wood fiber that are 99% germ-free.

DURAFRESH™ Bacteria Fighting Multi-Purpose Cloth is an effective, bacteria-fighting multi-use cleaning cloth that provides value to consumers who seek healthier lifestyles while supporting environmental responsibility. It is the first of what will soon be a family of higher performing, eco-sustainable bio-fiber products that represent a paradigm-changing protocol of solutions for the future.

Contains: 2 cloths (9.5"x11")
Healthier Living: cloth helps keep your living space cleaner and healthier. Its distinct multi-layer open design picks up germy messes and efficiently rinses them away with simple tap water; staying fresh and uniquely order-free.
Healthier Planet: cloth is made from renewable resources, trees and lasts for hundreds of uses. It biodegrades in as little as 12 weeks.
Made in U.S.A