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Fruit Fly Trap Solution Refill

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The Modern Kitchen Products fruit fly trap effectively prevents a fruit fly invasion! It traps and kills fruit flies. Stop using wine glasses and other unsightly contraptions and put an MKP Fruit Flytrap on your counter.

  • Features
  • About Euroscrubby
    • Fruit Fly Trap Solution Refill included is 1 (one) Fruit fly trap and 1 (15ml) fruit fly trap solution
    • Simply unscrew the cover, pour in 15 ml of solution, and recap. 15ml of the solution is good for one month.
    • Made in Europe.
  • Based in Port Hope, Ontario, Euroscrubby has been providing the market with the world's best multi-purpose scrubbers. All of Euroscrubby's products are made in Europe, eco-friendly and zero-waste alternatives to our cleaning needs.