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Happy Kidz, Marie

by Gotz
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There are many wishes everywhere, and Marie is very busy swinging her magic wand. Feathers might fly when she uses her fine wings to fly from house to house, and her glitter outfit shimmers in the moonlight. But Marie controls everything and always looks chic and glamorous when she makes wishes come true - just like a real fairy.

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  • About Gotz
    • GOTZ Happy Kidz dolls leave nothing to be desired regarding creative play. They have nine high-quality joints in their shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and neck, and due to this, our Happy Kidz dolls can take various positions and are very flexible. So, they can easily do yoga, horseback riding, climbing, or play in any creative scenario. The doll's body is completely movable and poseable.
    • Gotz only uses high-quality, natural-looking hair for these dolls. The hair is sewn into the doll's head and is very durable. Children can easily wash, style, and comb it (see product information). Happy Kidz is part of the GOTZ handcrafted doll family, numbered and produced as limited editions under the highest quality standards. Notable doll designers designed their faces. As a mark of quality, every GOTZ handcrafted doll has a certificate and the GOTZ seal.
    • Marie has light blonde hair and blue, fixed eyes. The set includes Happy Kidz doll, fairy dress, panties, glitter shoes, fairy wings, wand and hair adornment
    • Gotz dolls have highly expressive faces that appeal to any doll mommy. Each doll has a unique feature that captures the heart of every little girl with her personality and charm. Every doll has a particular play theme and matching accessories. Doll play world will get children's hearts racing and encourage creativity.
    • Golz doll features a unique PVC-free vinyl body that is fully movable! The many variations of these carefully crafted details help promote children's creativity and motor skills.
    • Hair: Only the highest quality, natural-looking hair is used in Gotz dolls. This hair has been developed especially for Gotz and, in fact, is still made in Germany! It is rooted in the scalp and is thus easy to care for. Children can easily wash, style, and brush it.
    • Eyes: only high-quality eyes inserted by hand. The lashes are specially produced to enhance the natural look of our dolls. Lovingly created clothes contain as many details as real children's clothing, and the Gotz outfits are washable and ironable.
    • Quality and safety: all materials used in making Gotz dolls are tested according to strict guidelines and contain no harmful azo dyes. Of course, the products do not contain poisonous softeners (Phthalates)
    • Materials: PVC-free vinyl body
    • Dimensions: H19.5" or 50cm
    • Ages: 5yrs+
    • Made in China
  • GOTZ dolls are known for being lovingly crafted dolls for more than 60 years. These dolls are meant to be cuddled and cared for and will last years of happy play. Faces have blushed cheeks, life-like eyelashes and eyes that close. The dolls' arms and legs can be moved up and down.