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Five Math Friends

by Grimm's
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With Grimms Five Math Friends, children can playfully discover the abstract world of numbers. If acorns or flowers are collected from nature and put together differently, then new arithmetic problems arise effortlessly. In this way, arithmetic can be experienced with different senses when the hands can grasp what the eyes can see. Every maths friend is decorated with a maths symbol: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The fifth maths friend is decorated with the equal sign and looks forward to answers made understandable through play.

Each of the little hand-painted wooden figures has a different look and individual wood grain. These happy little wooden figures, made from different types of wood from trees indigenous to central Europe, are gender-neutral. With no specific facial expression, they can be either sad or happy.

  • Features
  • About Grimm's
    • Contains five wooden figures ((+ - : x =) ) in a wooden frame
    • Made of European-sourced, 100% FSC certified wood, coloured with a non-toxic water-based stain and finished with plant-based oil.
    • Materials: maple wood, beech wood, cherry wood or alder wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain/non-toxic plant-based oil finish.
    • All colours and oils are certified following the EN 71 and CPSIA/ASTM 963 standards.
    • Dimensions: frame L10 cm, figure H6.5cm, D3cm.
    • Ages: 3yrs+
    • Made in Germany
  • Grimms Wooden Toys are not just tools for imaginative play; they are also powerful instruments for developing children's problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. The open-ended nature of these toys encourages children to experiment, take risks, and find creative solutions to challenges. With their grippy texture, rainbows are perfect for stacking explorations.

    Grimm's invites everyone to experience a connection with nature and introduce your child to nature-based play. This set encourages your child to take the toys outside and to take objects found outside and integrate them into play. Nature is a great playground and offers wonderful play material!

  • Grimm's Toys is a family-owned and sustainably managed manufacturer at the foot of the Swabian Alb. Grimms produces natural, high-quality, and safe wooden toys. Grimm's toys are simple with minimal design, leaving room for each child to develop and explore his/her creativity for open-ended play. Grimm's product development is guided by the principles of Waldorf education and other educational approaches, such as Montessori.

    Grimm’s toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Woodgrain has changing structures and colours that prove its natural origins.