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Starter Toy Set

by Qtoys
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Qtoys Starter Toy Set is the perfect 1st gift. This set has 4 learning activities suitable from birth to 1 yr. This Qtoys deluxe baby range has been designed to be welcoming, playful, safe and interactive. These early learning toys offer endless development opportunities.

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  • Features
  • Child Development
  • About Qtoys
  • - Qtoys baby range was designed to be 100% safe for babies and to encourage the development of young minds. All Qtoys are eco-friendly, safe for teething children, and free from harsh chemicals, sealants, paints and materials.
    - Set includes contrast puzzle, dual discs, 4 wooden blocks and a cup with a ball.
    - Material: natural wood
    - birth to 1yr
    - Made in Vietnam

  • The puzzle – It is a natural and eco-friendly material which is safe and durable. Completing puzzles takes some time and patience. Practicing patience is one of the best benefits children gain through completing puzzles. Puzzles promote the development of hand-eye coordination, concentration and visual perception as children try to fix the pieces of the puzzle together. Puzzles also promote the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving skills which are useful in life. They also help improve memory as the children try and figure out where the pieces of the puzzles go. Children feel a sense of achievement as they fix the pieces of the puzzle together. Measures 10x10cms.

    Dual discs – The dual disc is one of the first developmental toys that can be offered to infants 3months+. The interlocking discs have a dual purpose: encouraging children to crawl and hand-to-hand transfer. It roughly measures 8cms. The rounded smooth edge is also perfect for teething infants.

    4 wooden blocks – These blocks give children the opportunity to stack them one on top of the other. Stacking stimulates reasoning which is essential for problem-solving. This also promotes the children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Cup with the ball – Children are encouraged to place the ball in the cup thus promoting their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Through this activity, children can also learn about cause and effect when they release the ball. Rolling activities increase a child’s curiosity which also encourages them to ask questions which in turn plays an important role in language development.

  • Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned company which was established in 2005. For over 15 years Quins Group has been designing and manufacturing Eco-friendly products from educational toys, and teaching equipment.

    Qtoys believes that children’s mental and physical development should also happen outside of school in a fun, enjoyable way. That’s why Qtoys products are designed in a way which allows kids to learn skills such as reasoning and critical thinking and develop a self-learning attitude.

    Qtoys also promote environmental awareness for young minds as it connects them to nature and can provoke the curiosity of all things natural and beautiful. Learning through Play is Qtoys core principle.