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Round and Round the Garden Nursery Rhymes

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Round and Round the Garden celebrates nursery rhymes and songs that bring families together across cultures, while also displaying the magic of embroidery as an art form. Children and adults alike will delight in this carefully chosen collection of classics and new favourites brought to life with the colour and texture of embroidered images. The repetition of the simple patterned verses in Round and Round the Garden will stimulate children’s speech and communication skills, and the turning of each page will bring enchantment and joy.

  • Features
  • About Plumleaf Press
    • A splendid collection of sixteen classic and contemporary nursery rhymes from around the world made even more enchanting and unique by a series of beautifully hand-embroidered vignettes…
    • Song of Kites, Listen to the Tree Bear, Twinkle, Twinkle…and 13 more gentle rhymes—
    • Hand-Embroidered by Olivia Skelhorne-Gross
    • Hardcover
    • Page: 26
    • Dimensions: 9x9.5"
    • Printed in China
  • In 2015, Maggie created Plumleaf Press, a passion project to create “books to linger over” — thoughtful, beautifully designed literary books for readers, young and old, that offer enchantment and inspiration and stir the imagination and reflection. Plumleaf Press is Canadian and based in Bronte, Ontario.