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Stretchy Beanie Red Eyed Tree Frog

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Soft and stretchy rubber animal, this Stretchy Beanie Red Eyed Tree Frog is filled with sand and details unique features just like the real animal! Perfect for playing with other wildlife creatures from this line. Collect all these fascinating animals!

Stretchy beanies are squishy, soft and of superior quality. These toys are crafted realistically and are ideal for interactive and kinetic learning in classrooms, libraries, schools, offices and at home for toddlers, kids, boys, and girls. These toys can also be used as sensory toys to get relief from anxiety and stress. Great gift for birthday party bags filler and Christmas stockings.

Buy this product with confidence and peace of mind as the product is compliant with EU Safety Standards. Non-toxic and BPA-free material is used to manufacture these toys. Good for emotional health- can also be used as an anxiety and stress relief sensory toy for Autism and ADHD Kids and Grown-ups

Material: stretchy silicone, filled sand
Ages 3+
Made in China