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Tree Blocks Kitchen Room Furniture Set

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Doll houses are an enchanting and popular toy valued by both children and adults. Miniature homes filled with furniture and tiny people have been around for thousands of years. Tree Blocks™ takes the dollhouse concept into the land of the enchanted forest.

Dollhouses engage children in imaginary play, which provides important educational benefits for intellectual and social development. When children are engaged in imaginary play they are able to freely investigate and learn about the world around them. During pretend play children use symbolic representations for the objects and actions they are exploring. When children role-play and explore dialogue it helps them develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills. According to child development experts, role-play helps children acquire confidence and a sense of self, and it is also a key component to learning.

This 7-piece kitchen set including a table with 4 chairs, a refrigerator and a stove. This stand-alone toy is also a great accessory Tree Blocks' Tree House. Made of real wood, hand-made to a 1/2″ scale. Also available – a bedroom set and a living room set.

7 pieces
Natural unfinished wood
Packed in a muslin bag, zero waste
Ages: 3+ yrs
Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth and air dry.
Made in Vietnam

Guided Play
The following are activity suggestions for children to extend their learning when engaged in imaginary role-play.

Ask children to sequence events in a day by acting out typical routines from morning to evening.

Search for and use various items around the house to create dollhouse furniture and decorations. Cotton balls make great bed pillows.

Give children a scenario that needs to be solved by members of the family. Encourage them to take different roles in the family and then act out a solution to the problem. For instance, everyone in the family wants to watch television but they all want to watch something different.

Encourage children to retell a story by first thinking about possible topics and ideas. Children might retell a story about the family’s lost dog or a holiday gathering. Encourage them to sequence the story with a beginning, middle, and an end.

Ask children to act out all the chores that need to be done on a daily basis for maintaining a home.