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Twelve in A Race - Children's Book, Fiction

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Twelve in a Race is a read-aloud rhyming book about the origin story of the Chinese zodiac. Young readers will learn about the characteristics of each zodiac animal and how they finished in the Emperor’s great race. Written by Catherine Little and illustrated by Sae Kimura, Twelve in a Race is the perfect gift to give children to find out which animal correlates to their birth year!

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    • Twelve in A Race - Children's Book, Fiction takes readers through the origin story of the Chinese zodiac, including the beginning, middle, and ending of the Emperor’s great race. Young readers will enjoy the rhyming pattern and driving question of “Who will win?” Catherine Little, author of Twelve in a Race, was inspired to write this story for her son so that he could learn more about his Chinese heritage. Twelve in a Race’s illustrations, done by Sae Kimura, an artist originally from Odawara, Japan, richly portray this version of the Chinese zodiac legend and imaginatively showcase each animal’s individual character traits throughout the Emperor’s race. Readers will enjoy finding out which animal placed first, which placed last, and which animal correlates to their birth year. Be sure to make room on your bookshelf for this keepsake to read every Lunar New Year and many times in between!
    • Author: Catherine Little, Illustrated by Sea Kimura
    • Hardcover
    • Page: 36
    • Dimensions: 8.75x8.75"
    • Printed in China
  • In 2015, Maggie created Plumleaf Press, a passion project to create “books to linger over” — thoughtful, beautifully designed literary books for readers, young and old, that offer enchantment and inspiration and stir the imagination and reflection. Plumleaf Press is Canadian and based in Bronte, Ontario.