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743 Mold Jar - 3/4L

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WECK 743 Mold Jar - 3/4L

WECK Jars are high-quality glass jars crafted to help make your lives easier and more sustainable. WECK jars are made in Germany and have the highest quality elements. While crafted for canning, WECK jars complement a more sustainable home and are great for storage of all kinds.

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  • About Weck Jars
    • The 743 Mold Jar is popular for sourdough starters. Customers enjoy the depth and wide opening of the glass for the perfect starter structure, making it easy to maintain, and it is the perfect size for storage, crafts or a meal. Customers also like this jar for drinking glasses, which includes coffee and juice, smoothies, salads, food, and leftovers, as well as a larger batch of chia pudding and overnight oats. This jar is very popular for meal prepping. If shopping for lid alternatives like wood, cork or keep fresh cover, or PET Lid, select a lid size large.
    • Weck jars are ideal for canning, thanks to rubber-ringed lids that create an airtight seal for preserving sweet summer fruits and juicy tomatoes. But beyond that, they're great for storing and serving foods, too — their distinctive design is at home on both the dining table and the pantry.
    • Unlike other canning jars, Wecks feature an open tapered shape that's easier to fill and empty, rust-free glass lids (no can opener required), and sealing gaskets that are easy to check at a glance. Jars stack for convenient storage.
    • Capacity: 28.7fl oz, 850ml, height: 147mm, lid code 100 (large)
    • Each clear soda lime glass jar features a glass lid with a rubber ring and two rustproof stainless-steel clamps for creating an airtight seal.
    • Seal is easy to check at a glance: the pull tab on the rubber ring should face downward.
    • Replacement rubber rings and clamps are available.
    • Embossed with the Weck strawberry logo.
    • Stackable for convenient storage.
    • BPA free.
    • Dishwasher-, microwave- and freezer-safe
    • Made in Germany.
  • Weck glass jars have been a mainstay in European kitchens since 1900 when German merchant Johann Weck pioneered the science of water-bath canning. Weck jars are still a reliable favourite of European home cooks for preserving and storing foods. These mini mold jars are perfect for homemade jams and individual portions of yogurt and chutney.