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Fillable Paper Eggs

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Finally, an eco-friendly alternative to dreaded plastic Easter eggs! This colourful Fillable Paper Eggs set of six paper maché eggs can be opened and filled with treats (Easter bunny approved!) They are extremely sturdy and can be used repeatedly—hide them, display them, save them as a keepsake year after year.

  • Features
  • About Wrappily
    • Set of 6 - Plastic-free Easter Egg Alternative
    • Handmade with up-cycled newspaper and natural rice paste
    • These colourful Easter decorations are vegan, 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable
    • Multi-colour set of six eggs comes in a reusable drawstring natural fibre bag
    • Materials: Recycled newspaper and rice paste
    • Dimensions: Each fillable Easter egg measures 6x4 cm
    • Ages: 3yrs+
    • Made in Philippines
  • Wrappily was founded on the belief that there is a better solution exists for a more sustainable gift wrap and ways to reduce the environmental impact. Every year an estimated 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is used in the U.S. By changing to a more eco-friendly wrapping paper may not feel like a big move, but when looking at the larger picture we can start to see the true impact.